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Our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards in place. Highly trained operators conduct continuous quality checks to ensure strict standards. We also do our part to help the environment - by doing compliance checks on all suppliers, improving energy consumption and reducing green house gases.

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Our Thermo-rolls are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles that have been converted to a fibre also known as PET. Making our Thermo-Solutions range very environmentally friendly. In fact, each roll has an average of 340 recycled plastic bottles and weights an average of 7.5kg per roll. This not only makes our product denser than our equivalent opposition, but also allows us to achieve a higher R-Value as per SABS ASTM C518. You will also note that our product ranges all conform with SANS 10400xa with a focus on the environment.

All our product ranges have been SANS 10177- Part 5, 9 & 10 making up the 428 tests. Which gives us a B/B1/2 rating. Thermo-Solutions Roof Insulation uses all types and colours of plastic drinking bottles (P.E.T). By doing this, it allows us to be more competitive with regards to pricing while offering the same standard of high quality products and making us more environmentally friendly. For this reason, colours may vary from time-to-time.

P.E.T (Polyethylene terephthalate) Fibre

Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as Polyester, in simple terms is broken down plastic bottles. To produce our P.E.T. fibre, plastic drinking bottles are taken to a recycling plant. The plant will then clean the bottles for the shrinking process. Once the bottles have dried, they will be taken to an oven where they are heated and shrinked down to its original size (Slightly larger than a test tube).

Once this has been done, the bottles are then sorted by colour and put onto a conveyor belt heading to the crushing machine. They are then crushed into flakes and washed again. The final process is to grind these flakes into a fine dust. This is then used to form the fibre strands.
Our factory processes this to produce the fibre we all know. You will find our fibre in a large variety of products - including pillows, blankets and even our own insulation rolls.

Scrim Foil Insulation

This aluminium based product serves as a doublesided reflective radiant barrier in domestic and industrial roof systems. The product reflects heat away from buildings in warmer months and retains heat in cooler months, thus stabilising temperatures. It can also be used in walls behind cladding or under timber floors. Combining the product with our P.E.T. insulation, it becomes an excellent vapour barrier for air conditioning ducts, pipes and vessels. The combination and composition of product layers can be modified to suit specific customer needs for different applications.

Product Features

We are the proud manufacturer of Thermo-Solutions insulation.
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Here are some of our Thermo-Solutions insulation product features:


Our insulation is completely safe to use - No protective clothing needed!


No fibreglass is used when manufacturing our insulation - No itchiness!


We are proud to be environmentally friendly and completely recyclable!


Got allergies? No need to worry about that when using our insulation!


Thermo-Insulation is give you a great K & R - Value, giving you top quality results!


We designed our insulation to be easier for the installer - No need to cut it, you can just tear it!


Save some bucks when installing our insulation - You will see a great improvement!


Our product has a high-density and can also be used to help with sound proofing!

What Is A "R-Value" ?

The R-Value is a measurement of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. Under uniform conditions, it is the ratio of the tempreture difference across an insulator and the heat flux. Thermal resistance varies with tempreature but it is common practice in construction to treat it as a constant value.

How To Calculate "R-Value" ?

The R-Value / Thermal Resistance is a direct indication of the performance of the product. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation will be. It is determined the following way:
R-Value=Thickness (of the material) / Its Thermal Conductivity (or K-Value).